Take Control of Your LinkedIn Emails

LinkedIn Emails

“I have LinkedIn but I don’t want it.” “LinkedIn keeps sending me emails to Connect to people.” “Why does LinkedIn keep sending emails out to people from me without me doing anything?” These are the most common things I hear about LinkedIn, so in this post I will show you how to take control of the emails sent and received from LinkedIn!

The first thing you need to determine, is if you have a LinkedIn account – to do this you can go to www.linkedin.com and try to sign in with your email. It will either login or get one of these messages: “Hmm, we don’t recognize that email. Please try again.” (you don’t have an account using that email) or “Hmm, that’s not the right password. Please try again or request a new one.” (you do have an account).

If you have an account, you can change your settings so that you decide what emails you receive and how often.

Change emails

If you are getting comments or complaints from people you know that LinkedIn is sending emails on your behalf, this is because you have synced your email account with LinkedIn (either knowingly or unknowingly). There are a few steps in fixing this.

Syncing accounts

Synced contacts

Once this is fixed, you might want to see what Invitations to Connect LinkedIn has sent on your behalf and delete them so invitations won’t be resent.

Remove Contacts

Now you should be getting emails from LinkedIn on your terms, and your email account is no longer synced so emails won’t be sent on your behalf without your express consent.

If you no longer want to use LinkedIn, you can just close your account.

Close account

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account and you want to stop receiving emails from LinkedIn, you can opt out using this link: https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/guest-email-unsubscribe

No emails

These tips should help you manage your LinkedIn emails, allowing you to send and receive only the emails you want to.

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