What Social Media to Choose For Your Business

Overwhelmed by Social Media

Overwhelmed by Social Media? Confused about how to market your business online? You know you ought to be there somewhere, but where? Some platforms are perfect for specific industries, and some platforms everyone needs to be there.

Facebook has 2.4 million users in New Zealand, that’s about 60% of the total New Zealand population.  While Facebook may appear, on the surface, to be for Business to Customer companies, we have to remember that all businesses are made up of people, and people are on Facebook.  This makes Facebook relevant to everyone – can you afford to miss out on this marketing opportunity to the majority of your customers?

LinkedIn is a network for professionals and business people, there are over 1 million users in New Zealand, a 27% penetration rate – in fact NZ ranks 41 in countries by user, and 6th by penetration rate, we’re punching well above our weight!  All business owners and professionals should have a profile on LinkedIn, connecting them to others in their industry, potential customers and service providers.  Again, businesses are made up of people, and a personal connection is the best form of marketing.

As a business, one of the most valuable resources you have is your email list, you’ve spent time and money building this list and it allows for direct contact with your client base.  Once you’ve built this list, you need to utilise it.  There are a number of ways to go about this, you can send from your email program, you can use specialised software for your industry that includes marketing emails, or you can use an online email service.  The best online service I’ve come across is MailChimp, there are easy to use templates, comprehensive reports, and I know that they have covered the requirements of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

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