What does ‘Online Presence’ actually mean?

It can be confusing – all this jargon about the internet: ‘online presence’, SEO, ‘digital footprint’… How do you know what is right for your business? What will get you more sales and is worth putting your time into?

These days everyone has some kind of online presence – have you tried Googling yourself? Anything you find in that search (or a search on another search engine) is your online presence.

This includes:

  • your business website
  • your personal website
  • your blog
  • your social media profiles (like Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • online articles that have mentioned you or quoted you
  • listing on other websites, like professional associations and member directories

Online Presence

You do need to monitor your online presence, know what is being said about your brand. 66% of New Zealand customers research a company online before making a purchase, yet only 34% of NZ SMEs have a website, an that drops to 24% in Marlborough! When people research your business, what are they finding? By monitoring and managing your online presence you will be able to affect what people are seeing and reading about your business.

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