QR Codes

Quick Response Codes are a little 2-dimensional barcode that, when scanned by a Smartphone app, will take the user to a number of different places: a website, an email address, a phone number, a YouTube video, a Facebook page, just about anywhere.

While the look of these little squares are not the prettiest to start with, there are some very interesting ways to change the look without changing the functionality of them. Or perhaps make a physical 3-D image of the code.  For example, I created a QR Code for the Button Help website using the buttons from keyboards.

First I started with a generated QR Code:

qrcode.11151359 - Copy

Then I laid it out on black fabric using the buttons:

QR Code Positive

While some QR Readers can read a ‘negative’ code like this, not all can; so I created a negative of this picture for my final QR Code:


To see some more examples of clever QR Codes, check out this link on our Pinterest page, or do a search for ‘QR Code Artwork’.

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