New Year, New Plan

The beginning of each year is often a time for reflection and goal setting, and your Social Media content should be part of your planning.

Here are some steps to help you put together a New Plan for the New Year.

  1. Download this blank Content Calendar, it will give you a framework to complete and help you create a plan. Fill in the type of post and/or some post ideas. Remember that different platforms need different posting schedules and different content.

  1. Reflect on what worked well last year. Check your Insights and Analytics, what did you do well last year? What worked? What got you high engagement? These are the things you should keep doing, so put them into your plan first.

  1. Look at your plan and see if there are any types of posts missing that you haven’t tried – does links to articles work for you? Would sharing your supplier’s posts help? Add them to your plan.

  1. Think about what you as a view would like to see, add some of these posts to your plan. Remember this is Social Media, and so you need to be Social!

  1. See what holidays or ‘National x Days’ are coming up that are relevant to your business, and plan some posts for them.

  1. Remember that this is only a plan, be flexible and respond to current events, customer feedback, and your analytics

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