The power of social media

I read this amazing story today: Two young girls wanted a puppy, their Dad said (joking) that if they got 1 million Likes on Facebook they could have a puppy – it took less than a day for this to go viral and surpass the required 1 million Likes they needed. Their new puppy is called Millie and you can see a video of her on their Facebook page. Not only did this family get over 1,600,000 on their photo, they also were on Good Morning America.  And they only started their page on Tuesday!

Social Media, Facebook in this case, is a powerful way of contacting people throughout the world, bringing people together, and getting a message out.  Does your company have a social media strategy? Are you reaching the maximum number of people possible for your organisation? Social Media is here to stay, not just a passing phase, so get involved and enjoy the benefits.

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