Finding Your Voice

To have a successful social media presence you need to find your business’ voice. There are a few different approaches to attracting customers to your social media and keeping them engaged.

A Community:

One option is to create a community where your customers will come, interact with you and with each other, drawing them into your brand and business.  Using this approach is particularly useful for B2P service businesses who can have fun sharing tips, information and testimonials.  In your social media forums, as well as your specials, you would post things like tips on using your products, quotes and pictures that fit with your business voice, blog posts that pose questions that will invoke comments, and links to complementary businesses.

An Information Provider:

Another option is to become an information site for your customers, so they know that if they need to know something about your business’ specialty they will come to your social media forums to find the answer.  If this is your voice your posts will include things like links to interesting articles or pictures, your blogging would be a series of small articles giving information, and small snippets on other social media would be relevant to your expertise.

There are also ways to maximise your social media posting – see our Types of Social Media page for more details on this.

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