Do you use Facebook?  For your business? Keeping up with family and friends? To find out more about brands?


Did you know:

  • Facebook has 1.11 billion users worldwide
  • 63% of the New Zealand population use Facebook
  • 80% of the online population of New Zealand use Facebook.  This is higher than Australia, USA and UK
  • 47% of the online population use Facebook to learn about brands, products and services
  • 42% of the New Zealand online population use Facebook to see what the positivie and negative experiences of other consumers of a business are
  • The average time spend on Facebook by New Zealanders is 7 hours and 43 minutes per day

With statistics like this, there may be a huge potential market that you are missing out on.


Some things to consider when you are setting up your Facebook for Business:

  • You need to set up a Page (not a personal Timeline) for a business
  • Facebook Likes are not the most important measure of the success of your Facebook Page, interactions are
  • Remember that, depending on how you deal with it, negative comments on your Page are not the worst thing that could happen – it is better to leave them and deal with them rather than delete or monitor them
  • Vary your content – don’t just advertise, interact with customers and add value to them and your services

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