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One thing about running a small business is that things can get pushed down the priority list – “I’ll just do this then I’ll get to that”, and ‘that’ never seems to happen, yet they are the important things long term, giving your business the professional edge you need.  One such things is emails that are linked to your domain name – you own your domain name, you’ve probably got a website to increase the professional image of your business, but by using another email provider you are negating that.  It would be like having your mailing address as c/- another company, imagine emailing someone at your major supplier: – what image would that give you of the company? How are your customers perceiving your business?

Some domain hosts make it easier than others, but it is possible with all of them, and you can change hosts if you want to. You will need to find out if you have emails set up, and if you do where are they going?  Another thing you want to ask is can you get at catchall email address? This means that no matter what someone puts before the you will receive it, so if someone sends something to an email address you haven’t got set up, or there is a spelling error in address, you will still receive it and you know you are not missing any of your business emails.  You may need to pay a small amount for hosting your emails, or you can have them forwarded to your current email, and then you’ll need that email address set up to send ‘from’ your business email.

Take the time to get this sorted – it may seem to be a little thing, but it makes a big difference to your business’ professional image.  You can talk to your IT provider, or contact us and we can speak ‘geek’ to your IT provided, translate it into English, and get it sorted for you.

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