A-Z of Posting Ideas

A-Z Posting IdeasDo you need some help thinking of ways to add value to your customers with your Social Media posts?  Here is an A to Z of idea of things you can post.

A: Advice – offer advice to your customers in your area of expertise

B: Behind the scenes – show pictures of your staff at work or preparing for a special event

C: Client – has one of your clients done something great? Share their post

D: Dates – remind people of upcoming dates, but remember: keep it relevant to your business

E: Event – promote an upcoming event, either yours or a local event

F: Funny picture – everyone loves funny stuff, find funnies that are relevant to your business

G: Giveaway – do a giveaway, but make sure you check the rules of the platform you’re posting on

H: How To – tell your followers how to do something that will help them save time

I: Inspirational Quote – everyone loves a good quote, especially when they are picture quotes

J: Just Be You – don’t try and be something you’re not, be authentic.

K: Knowledge sharing – you’re the expert in your field, share this knowledge with your Followers

L: Link – found a great link? Let your Followers in on it too

M: Mascot – does your business have a mascot? A pet or something everyone sees when they come in? Don’t forget to let your Followers know what your mascot is up to

N: Newsletter – do you have a newsletter? Make sure you post a link

O: Opinion – has something happened that you/your business has an opinion on? Express it

P: Product – focus on one of your products, what makes it so great? Have you had some great reviews – share them

Q: Question – ask a question of your Followers, what do they want to know, what are they thinking about?

R: Recipe – share a recipe with your Followers – everyone has to eat!

S: Supplier – has your supplier shared something recently, make sure your Followers are in on the news

T: Tips & Tricks – give your Followers some tips to save time or money, everyone loves to save

U: Unique Perspective – remember you have a unique perspective on your industry, don’t forget to share this

V: Video – create a video, share with your followers

W: Weather – is your business effected by the weather? Give an update

X: e(X)plain something – have an expert staff member explain a commonly misunderstood area of your business

Y: Your story – always remember to tell your story

Z: Zoom in on someone – has there been some exciting news from your staff

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