A Website or Social Media?

A question that gets asked by many businesses is ‘Do I really need a website? Or can I use Facebook instead?’ It can be confusing when you start a business, knowing and deciding where to spend your money and energy.

The real answer is you need both.

A website belongs to you, kind of like having a shop in the main street; you can make it look however you like, the size is dependant on your needs and the colours and arrangement is your choice.

Social Media platforms, Facebook for example, allow you to come and do business on their website; it is a bit like having a market stall, they provide the stall area and the gazebo. You can bring your own banner and table cloth, but it is still their stall, and it looks similar to every other stall in the market.

BUT the market brings people in, people you otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to if you stayed in your shop. And while you might make some sales there, the biggest value you get is the repeat custom from these people and the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Social Media is the same – your Facebook Page layout and overall look has to stay within the guides of Facebook, but your customers and potential customers are on Facebook so you need to be as well, building a relationship with them and encouraging them into your shop or back to your website where you can make the repeat sales.

Your Social Media presence and your website will work in tandem to increase your sales and keep the repeat customers coming.

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