5 Tips for Preparing Christmas Posts


As we get closer to the silly season, we get busier and things like Social Media posting can go by the wayside, so here are some tips on how to make the most of your online followers during the next couple of months.

1. Have a schedule


We all have a calendar or diary that we use to keep track of our busy lives and appointments, so why not have a schedule or diary for your Social Media posts? This way you will know where you are up to, what you are planning to post, and when.

Make it easy for yourself – add it into part of your day (like after you check your emails in the morning) or use scheduling functions with platforms or on third party apps. Another way to make it easy for yourself is to utilise the smartphone apps that are available, so you can post photos or ideas as you are out and about (as well as respond to your messages and comments).

2. Create a Festive Cover Picture

Cover Picture

The Cover Picture is the large picture people see when they visit your business’ Social Media profile, and this is the perfect place to be updating regularly (remember – your Profile Picture should always stay as your logo). Create a festive Cover Picture now, ready for the beginning of December.

Some fun options are to get your staff together and take a photo of everyone wearing a Santa hat, or holding up signs or have your animal mascot dressed up for Christmas. Just remember that the orientation of Cover Photos is landscape, so you need to make sure that your picture is suitable. The other option is to create a graphic (like the one above) that you can use.

3. Show people HOW to use your products


While Social Media is not about direct selling, showing people how to utilise your products is certainly adding value to them – how can I make use of your product over this busy period? How can it save me time and/or money?

Pictures of your product in the home or business environment, how you expect to see your products used, will allow your customers to imagine your products in their life or as gifts.

4. Behind the Scenes Company Traditions


One of the most popular kinds of posts are Behind the Scenes, these give your business a personal touch and allow people to connect on that level. Do you have company traditions each Christmas? A tree or decorations? Secret Santa? Take pictures of these and share them with your followers, allowing your customers to be part of your office traditions – you might even have them call in just to see your tree!

5. Offers


Everyone loves a bargain, and people follow brands on Social Media to be alerted to the Specials you are offering. Do you offer free gift wrapping? Or have a one day sale on? Maybe you have free cookies each afternoon? Let your followers know what specials they can expect from you this Christmas season, encouraging them to come in.

The secret to a successful Christmas season on Social Media is preparation, so get your schedule and posts ready and see the difference in your business.

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