5 Facebook Hacks

5 Facebook Hacks - Title

Facebook has lots of little hacks and tricks to help you utilise all the functions it provides, and once you know how they are easy and quick to use. Here are five useful and easy-when-you-know-how hacks for Facebook.

  1. Share Posts to a Group or Page from your personal newsfeed

If you find something in your newsfeed that you think would be perfect on your Page, or that you think a Group you are a member of would be interested in, rather than taking a screen shot or retyping the post you can share directly to the Page or Group (or to a Friend’s timeline or in a message as well). Here’s how:

4 Sharing PC

To do this on mobile:

4 Sharing Mobile


  1. Like and Comment as yourself or your Page

You’ve seen a Page Liking their own Post, and it looks a bit daft and unprofessional – the online equivalent of going out into to street and shout “look at us, we’re so great!”. Without other admins of the Page knowing this secret, it is easy for them to make this mistake. However it is easily fixed, here’s how:

2 Like and Comment

At this point this feature is not available on the mobile app but is available on the mobile site through a browser.


  1. Unfollow People (but stay Friends) or Pages

Sometimes you don’t want to see Posts from a Page – like a TV show you don’t want to see spoilers for, but you still want to be a Fan. Or perhaps one of your Friends posts too much or about things you aren’t interested in, but you don’t want to Unfriend them. Unfollowing is the answer! Here’s how:

3 Unfollow PC

To do this on mobile:

3 Unfollow Mobile


  1. Turn on Notifications on Posts you want to Follow

However, if you find a post you want to Follow and get notifications for, either in a Group, from a Page or from a Friend, instead of typing ‘f’ or ‘following’ in the comments, you can get the same effect without filling up the comments. Here’s how:

5 Notifications PC

To do this on mobile:

5 Notifications Mobile


  1. Find your Filtered Messages

Despite the fact that Facebook removed the Others inbox for your messages, and you now get Message Requests, is still does some filtering of your messages. You can still view these messages, and you may find something exciting or useful. Here’s how:

1 Filtered Messages PC

To do this on mobile with the Messenger App:

1 Filtered Messages Mobile


These quick and easy hacks should help your Facebook run even more smoothly!

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