5 Christmas Posting Ideas

Christmas Posting


Need some idea for posts coming up to Christmas? Wondering how to combine your business with Christmas? Here are some ideas for posts for the next couple of weeks (and to take into the next year too). These can be used across most Social Media platforms

1. Funny Cartoons

Everyone loves to laugh, so find a funny cartoon that is related to your industry, like this:Santa No ListGoogle Images can be helpful in this area, just make sure it has the creator’s credits on it.

2. Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Season

Give people tips that relate to your business that could help them get through the holiday period, whether it is cleaning tips, staying healthy, keeping the family entertained, places to visit, even how to keep the cat out of the the Christmas tree (or not!).

2014-12-08 11.20.35


3. Recipes

This is the time of year for parties, eating and get-togethers, a new recipe is appreciated, especially if it has been pre-tested by you.PavlovaFor the recipe for this Dark Chocolate Pavolvas check out our latest newsletter here.  There were really good too, and will be part of Christmas dinner.

4. Something Personalising your Business

Remember everyone loves the personal touch, whether it is pictures of your staff at the Christmas party, your office decorations, or pictures of your ‘mascot’ pet, like Oscar, you’ll be able to connect with your clients in a more personal level.

Merry Christmas from Beth and Oscar


5. Support a Charity and Share Their Posts

Supporting a charity is a great way for a business to give back to the community, as well as you giving back, Sharing their Posts is also a great way to help spread the word about them.  At Button Help we support Selmes Garden Centre, a Charitable Trust employing people with disabilities in the Marlborough Community.  We also support the Marlborough SPCA and all the work they do with animals in our region.

Share a Charity's Statement


Remember to enjoy the season, don’t stress about posting, instead make use of scheduling tools and try to fit it into your day.

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